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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Artist's post-partem depression

Artists (at least this one) go through a cycle that is a bit like a pregnancy, then the delivery, then post-partem depression.  The initial stage of the "pregnancy" is the joy: a new painting idea, bursting with creative excitement.  Then comes the long haul of putting it all together.  

It always turns out to be much more involved and challenging, more hours, more self-demanding attention.  As it nears completion, the artist is quite glad it will soon be "delivered," not a moment too soon.  And yet, those final stages require the utmost effort, not to become sloppy or too quick.

Eventually, the finished "baby" is here.  There is a sense of tremendous accomplishment and satisfaction, with this new creation, with which we have already fallen in love, during the entire process.

So much energy, a quiet satisfaction, and mental exhaustion.  a period of fatigue, while the batteries re-charge.  In the meantime, the feeling can be like depression.  The artist will recover; for the moment, however, it can be difficult, after delivering this beautiful "baby."   

"Pyramd Lamp" image

"Pyramid Lamp"

Still life at night, of a pyramid-shaped stained glass lamp, on a table with a bowl of fruit.  22"W x 15"H, on  Canson tinted paper.  Colored pencil.  Based on my reference photo, shown earlier in the blog.  The theme is the play of light, in an ambiance of a quiet evening.